Act – Tango fusion

The sensuality and the strength that characterizes Tango are reflected  in a dynamic interpretation with the rhythm of outstanding acrobatics. Dancing Tango in the air, Eya takes us on a journey to discover her cultural roots

Duration: 4.45min

Between Heaven and Earth

A Solo Show, where the artist put on the stage her entire artistic journey. A personal investigation where not only her imprint is reflected, but also her new challenges.
A show of aerial acrobatics and other peculiarities. Where this fresh character discovers the air and the ground that sustains it. She takes the spectator to connect these two worlds between games, stumbles and great acrobatics.
«Between Heaven and Earth» is dynamic, powerful, subtle, poetic… it is Tango, it is Rock, it is Fusion… it is Eya.

Letters in the Air

Duo Show
A woman plans to carry out her «Letters in the Air» program, but a series of errors by her technician will lead her to the clumsiness that will not allow her to start her program. She gets tangled in a chair, climbs the rope, climbs the hoop; she tryi to move on despite the carelessness of her partner …
The public can enjoy a show with an old circus aesthetic, with the subtlety of a non-spoken language. With perfected acrobatics techniques, creating an environment where the company tries to transport the spectators to another moment …to another place.




3-4. La Festa. Dinamico Festival. Reggio Emilia, Italia.

9-10. Chapeau Festival. Waidhofen an der Ybbs. Österreich


12-14. Strassenkunst Festival. Essen, Deutschland.

19-20. Strassen Kunst Festival. Emden, Deutschland.

24-28. Flaniermeile. Velden am Wörthersee, Österreich


12-28. Project «Sladami Singera Tour».  Polska


3-6. Kleinkunstfestival. Usedom, Deutschland

10-12. Buskers Braunschweig. Braunschweig, Deutschland


07. «Küra» Open Stage. Berlin, Deutschland.


A lightweight self-supporting aluminum structure, versatile and easy to assemble.



Paula Passaro

Paula Passaro, was born in Argentina. Since she was little she began taking acting classes and was clearly influenced by the arts in general, she has studied theater, visual arts, music; always in search of the performing arts.
In 2004 she began her career in the circus, once she knew that world she put aside all her searches to undertake and discover that WORLD.
She began her training in the city of Mar del Plata but soon in 2005 she traveled to different countries in Latin America to begin to enrich her knowledge, perform and participate in companies in international projects.
Entering the year 2012 she went to Brazil to the National School of Rio de Janeiro to continue perfecting her technique.
Since 2015 she travels around the world attending Festivals, Varieties and Galas with street shows and Solo Act.
Artist of the Air is a way of calling her, but it also develops in other disciplines.
Paula Passaro, nació en Argentina. Desde pequeña comenzó a tomar clases de actuación y fue claramente influenciada por las artes en general, ha estudiado teatro, artes visuales, música; siempre en busca de las artes escénicas.
 En el 2004 comenzó su carrera en el circo, una vez que conoció ese mundo dejó de lado todas sus búsquedas para emprender y descubrir ese MUNDO.
Comenzó su formación en la ciudad de Mar del Plata pero pronto en el 2005 viajó a diferentes países de Latinoamérica para comenzar a enriquecer sus conocimientos, actuar y participar en compañías en proyectos internacionales.
Entrando en el año 2012 se fue a Brasil a la Escuela Nacional de Río de Janeiro para seguir perfeccionando su técnica.
Desde el año 2015 viaja por el mundo asistiendo a Festivales, Varietes y Galas con espectáculos de calle y Solo Act.
Artista del Aire es una forma de llamarla, pero también se desarrolla en otras disciplinas.

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